Collaboration Continues With SUNY Plattsburgh

Collaboration Continues With SUNY Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh, NY

Saratoga Associates joins the City of Plattsburgh and SUNY Plattsburgh to gain insight on the City Beach Implementation Plan.

In 2016, Saratoga Associates completed the Phase I “Plattsburgh City Beach and Crete Center Redevelopment Feasibility Study.” Throughout the design and study processes, Saratoga Associates worked closely with the City, the community, and the NYS Department of State, who funded the project. In case you missed it:  read our full story here.

Capturing Student Input

On June 10, 2021, Saratoga Associates joined Director of Community Development Matt Miller, along with SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and students. The SUNY Plattsburgh interns will be assisting Saratoga Associates by performing GIS mapping, visual site assessment, and existing conditions documentation through field work this summer. Their work will help to guide the planning and development of the proposed improvements at City Beach, including dune stabilization and a network of nature trails with interpretive features.  

Pictured above, Back row L-R:  Danielle Garneau, SUNY Plattsburgh, Associate Prof. of Environmental Science; Dr. Mary Alldred, SUNY Plattsburgh, Assistant Prof. of Environmental Science; Dr. Curt Gervich, SUNY Plattsburgh, Associate Prof. of Environmental Science; Dan Shearer, Saratoga Associates; Matt Miller, City of Plattsburgh; Jared Malinoski, Saratoga Associates; and Emily Gardner, Saratoga Associates.

Front Row (SUNY Plattsburgh interns): Devan Bushey, Rory Fischer, and Tierney Mayette.

See our past work with SUNY Plattsburgh here:

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