Public interest in visual quality and aesthetic compatibility is increasingly important in development planning and decision-making.

Project Lists

Visual Assessment

Our Visual Impact Assessment and Scenic Resource Management practice is a specialized discipline of visual impact assessment and aesthetic mitigation.
Our team has the experience and skill in advanced computer-generated visual simulation, animation and viewshed development technology.


Community and Utility Scale
Our expertise in solar visual impact assessments ensures solar installations seamlessly integrate with their surroundings, whether in community or utility-scale applications.


Offshore and Community Developments
We excel in assessing and mitigating the visual impact of offshore wind projects, documenting coastal vistas and supporting sustainable energy generation.

Battery Storage

Utility Scale
Our comprehensive approach addresses the visual and environmental aspects of utility-scale battery storage, ensuring compatibility with the landscape.

Transmission Line

Utility Scale
We evaluate and enhance the visual compatibility of transmission line projects while adhering to regulatory standards.


Our assessments contribute to the responsible placement of telecommunication infrastructure while minimizing visual disruption.

Other Industrial

From landfills to commercial projects, we bring a holistic perspective to industrial developments, emphasizing visual aesthetics.

Residential Developments

Our residential development assessments ensure new communities harmonize with existing landscapes and enhance the quality of life.

Regulatory Requirements

Our team provides expert testimony, helping clients navigate regulatory hearings with confidence.
Vineyard Wind

Vineyard Wind 1 VIA

Vineyard Wind

Broadwater Energy LNG Terminal Visual Assessment

Broadwater Energy LNG Terminal VIA

TransCanada/Shell Energy

Ball Hill Wind Park

Ball Hill Wind Farm

Northland Power

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