Cultural resources are arguably the most important parts of any town, city, or village. Places of past human activity such as landscapes, structures, or sites tell an incredible backstory of what came to be in modern day.

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As designers and planners, we see what happens when projects are carried out with imagination, intelligence, technical mastery, and a strong environmental conscience. At Saratoga Associates, we create coherent, identifiable places across the varying scales of municipal parks, golf courses, gardens, recreational facilities, plazas, and regional systems. Starting from strong concepts, we are committed to making concepts real, by reconciling competing needs, building diverse stakeholder consensus, and facilitating the partnerships that enable success beyond construction to management and public use.

Parks and Recreational Open Spaces involve the land that has been reserved for the purpose of formal and informal sport and recreation, preservation of natural environments and provision of green space. In combination with cultural resources, tourism brings about economic and social impacts that help an area thrive both economically and culturally. Through planning and design initiatives, Saratoga Associates aims to bring new light to areas not always thought of as tourist destinations, and revive once lackluster places into all-encompassing destinations.

Saratoga Associates holds historical significance on a high accord because we know that safeguarding special places brings about a sense of community and strong ties that unite. Saratoga Associates has helped the continuation of safeguarding through reconstruction, restoring existing conditions, and historic preservation.

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