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We believe in creating compelling destinations, enriching communities, and safeguarding special places. We use our strong belief in the power of collaboration to help shape, visualize and realize these goals in a way that uses resources wisely, respects the environment and stirs the emotions.

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Saratoga Associates Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers, and Planners, P.C. is a multi-disciplinary, professional design firm with 50 years of experience providing landscape architecture, architecture, engineering and planning services throughout the Northeast. Saratoga Associates currently employs a professional, technical and support staff of about 20 individuals.

As one of the top creative design firms in this region, Saratoga Associates has comprehensive expertise bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders and creating a shared vision based on complementary values and needs. Our firm has experience with a diverse range of projects covering all phases of architectural and landscape architecture designs. Our portfolio showcases examples of our work in park design, residential and mixed-use development, comprehensive plans, stormwater management, historic preservation and waterfront revitalization.

We believe in the transformative power of place. As landscape architects, architects, engineers and planners, we see what happens when projects are carried out with imagination, intelligence, technical mastery and a strong environmental conscience; individual lives and communities are richer, stronger, greener and more productive.

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As a design firm with in-house
planners, landscape architects, architects, and engineers,
we can make your vision a reality.



Our projects are carried out with imagination, intelligence, technical mastery, and a strong environmental conscience.



We are a multi-disciplinary, professional planning firm with over 40 years in providing design services throughout the Northeast.



We take pride in our long-term client relationships, which are built on years of confidence, collaboration, dedication, and cost-effective services.

We Believe in the power of visual story telling