We create experiences for all campus communities, whether large or small, public or private. We believe that inclusive environments can foster self-discovery, lasting relationships, and lifelong learning.

Project Lists

Campus Design

Saratoga Associates has been involved in the planning and design of educational institutions since its inception. We feel a special affinity for these institutions which, like us, function in a highly collaborative way. Our clients expect us to understand their unique campus history, setting, mission and values, as well as the challenges they face in a time of technological innovation, shifting demographics, constrained resources, aging infrastructure, growing demand for access, stiffer competition and tougher demands for accountability.

Whether engaged in comprehensive master planning, landscape and facilities programming and design, or town-gown initiatives, our clients trust us to help them nurture their campuses as living-learning communities. They respect our professional commitment to campus planning as a discipline and our understanding that project implementation is the goal. Above all, our campus clients count on us to help them envision their future, manage their resources wisely, and maintain flexibility to embrace change.