Town Of Urbana’s Keuka Lake and Champlin Beach Design Underway

The Town of Urbana, located on Keuka Lake, retained Saratoga Associates to assist the town with the implementation of elements included in the 2015 Hammondsport-Urbana Waterfront Master Plan. The project involves the design and implementation of Champlin Beach improvements, improvements to Curtiss Park, and pedestrian and bicycle circulation along the waterfront to connect the beach, the park and the Keuka Lake wetland ecosystem together. 

On the Champlin beach side there will be a new tree-lined boulevard with parking for 175 vehicles, a prominent waterfront center facility, and marina. This waterfront center will feature public restrooms, storage, outdoor plaza, and potential rental space, and the marina will include a new pier with boat slips. Meanwhile at Curtiss Park, there will be a pedestrian and vehicular connection to the existing Liberty Street, a new parking and drop-off area, and new recreational opportunities with the addition of a kayak launch and fishing points. Connecting these two parks will be a fully accessible elevated boardwalk through the wetlands with educational and informational kiosks along it. This boardwalk will also feature a wildlife observation tower and a second kayak launch, spanning over Keuka Inlet with a new pedestrian bridge.

Although many new features are to be added, it is equally important to retain the sites’ existing assets. Mainly, it is vital that the fragile wetland ecosystem and its scenic beauty are protected, and that impacts to the shoreline are avoided. Additionally, a baseball field near the beach will be retained in the preferred design.

Saratoga Associates is excited to be involved in the Town of Urbana’s Keuka Lake and Champlin Beach project, and feels confident that the completed design will aid in generating revenue for the town, create additional opportunities for recreation and environmental education, and make vital physical connections that will maximize the use of Champlin Beach and Curtiss Park. The Keuka Lake Waterfront Access Improvements are scheduled to be complete by the end of September 2020. The Champlin Beach Infrastructure Improvements are estimated to be complete in February of 2021.