Saratoga Associates Named to Provide Design Services for Randall Park

Cortland, NY

Saratoga Associates, under a unanimous vote, was approved by the Cortland Common Council to provide architecture and engineering services for Randall Park.

The 6-acre Park is located next to Randall School, along Church, Huntington, and Randall Streets. The Park currently provides a softball field, multi-use sports field, sports lighting, tennis courts, and a small facilities building. Additionally, the Park contains the Randall School District’s playground and basketball hoops.

The proposed project includes multiple improvements, such as,

  • Upgrades to current features and equipment in the current park building (storage system, bathroom stalls, sinks, lighting and more).
  • New front door for the facility.
  • Reimagination of the tennis court space for pickleball courts, toddler play area, splash pad and more.
  • Replacement of current 16-feet fencing with a new “aesthetically pleasing and inviting” fence, McNerney added.
  • Additional parking.
  • Update of the current field lighting fixtures.
  • Addition of softball dugouts, replacement of the backstop and update to field drainage.
  • Addition of portable rink and pavilion area for box lacrosse, roller-skating and ice-skating.
  • Reimagination of the playground location and equipment to benefit other park amenities.
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“We want to look at the whole park and see how we can utilize it and make it something that the community can be proud of. We need to do our due diligence and accommodate the community’s needs.”

-John McNerney, Director, City of Cortland Youth Bureau

Saratoga Associates will be working with the City, Youth Bureau, stakeholders, and community members to take the project through the first phase of concept and schematic design.

Learn more about Saratoga Associates’ community outreach and engagement strategies here,

The firm looks forward to developing a new relationship with the City of Cortland and the transformation of Randall Park that will stimulate local pride, recreational facilities, and new youth opportunities.

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