Saratoga Associates’ Unofficial Mascot Earns His Therapy Dog Certification

We are pleased to announce another certification among our team: Que, the personal dog of Lead Designer Eric Whiting, is a soon-to-be-licensed Therapy Dog— one with on-paper permission to accompany his owner to public facilities, in order to “improve the lives of… people.[1]”  If this sounds broad, it’s because therapy animals have tag-teamed with their humans to spots ranging from children’s hospitals to nursing homes, to neighborhoods struck by natural disasters.

The application has several criteria, and Eric has been preparing for several months.  Aside from paperwork for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), for instance, applicants must bring their dogs to in-person eligibility tests.  Successful dogs will be allowed therapeutic contact with others, or “petting, brushing, holding, throwing, fetching and walking” (Woolington Agency LLC).  In the case of Que, everyone at SA can fully attest to his uplifting abilities: We have the pleasure of his company every Friday, and are excited for our clients to meet him!