For over forty years Saratoga Associates has worked with counties, municipalities and the private sector to build these priorities into community plans. We believe this to be a tenet for long-term success: building the connection of economy, environment, market and the community into the creation of compelling and sustainable places. Saratoga Associates adheres to the timeless principles of traditional design. All of our plans recognize the importance of public gathering places, pedestrian-friendly spaces, and the connections between home, work, commerce, and recreation.

Saratoga Associates works with a variety of entities to set a path for enduring economic success. From workforce development and industry cluster analysis to market feasibilities and fiscal impact analysis, our economic development studies help our clients identify their best assets and devise strategies to capitalize on them. We believe that a key ingredient for any successful planning process is civic engagement and visioning. Our approach to engaging the public makes sure that the diverse desires of residents, business owners and visitors are captured, recognized and integrated into the planning process. Public involvement translates into public ownership – crucial to making sure plans get adopted and implemented.

Planning is ultimately about relationships: the relationship between infrastructure and growth, between zoning and environmental protection, between industry and investment, between housing and health. Perhaps most important is the relationship between people and their various roles within a community. Saratoga Associates helps our clients build, understand and maximize those relationships. By creating a series of practical recommendations arranged with attention to urgency and achievability, we help make towns and municipalities stronger and more sustainable into the future.

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