SPAC Completes New Bridge Improvements for the Summer Concert Season

Saratoga Associates is once again excited to be involved in the ongoing updates to the amphitheater at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. Just as in 2011, with the exterior façade project, the design team has developed modern improvements to the 52 year old facility, while still maintaining the original spirit of this popular venue. This newest project focused primarily on the redesign of the amphitheater’s pedestrian bridges which access the balcony.

SPAC’s balcony ramps were desperate for renovations, rusting, no longer to code, and simply out of date. Saratoga Associates designed a new stainless steel railing system and new glass infill panels were installed, etched with the SPAC logo. The new railings are not only modern, functional updates, but provide the additional functional aspect of including integrated LED lighting into the handrails – lighting the pedestrian path on the bridges without blinding the spectators on the lawn. In addition the concrete ramps were re-sealed with a waterproof and slip-resistant coating, and site drainage systems were added in  the lawn area to improve storm water mitigation and preserve SPAC’s famous lawn seating areas.

With the concert season now in full swing, these amenities are now being enjoyed by thousands. According to one visitor commenting on SPAC’s Facebook announcement of the completed renovations, “Great job on the renovations they really enhance the beauty of the venue.” The overwhelmingly positive response to the new modifications combined with a very happy client has reinforced the notion that this was indeed a successful project.