Saratoga Associates Enjoys the Beauty of Lake George


The Saratoga Associates crew stepped out of the office for a much needed day in the sun.  The day started poolside with a filling barbecue lunch, then a walking tour of Lake George to visit several of the project sites we’ve completed over the years.

The walking tour allowed our staff members, both old and new to see various sites we’ve completed in the lively village of Lake George.  We walked down Canada Street to start with the improvements made by Saratoga Associates in 2010. Next was a walk past the Lake George Visitor Center which Saratoga Associates designed in the late 90’s. The walking tour ended with a beautiful view of the Shoreline Pedestrian Promenade, worked on at the same time as the Visitor Center.

The last event of the day was a long boat ride full of amazing views of Lake George and learning about a local destination that Saratoga Associates shares a long standing relationship with.  For Saratoga Associates, it was a day full of good food, firm history, and team bonding, reminding us all that Lake George is a great place to explore.