Yorktown Heights, NY

FDR Arrival Plaza and Bathhouse Renovation

FDR State Park is one of the most heavily used parks in the state. The Park’s mammoth swimming pool is twice the size of an Olympic pool, with a capacity of 3,500. Heavy use strains infrastructure and causes significant wear and tear on facilities. To improve efficiency and make the Park more attractive, Saratoga Associates was commissioned to redesign several key facilities.

A new entrance plaza replaces a disjointed and uninviting pool entry. The renovated arrival is broken into nodes and paths defined by distinctive paving patterns, benches and plantings. Decorative fencing marks subtle queuing areas at the pool entrance. The plaza provides focus to circulation patterns. A new information kiosk serves as a focal element and visitor meeting point.

The adjacent picnic area was a hodgepodge of tables and shelters. An expanded picnic area utilizes a terraced landscape to organize and channel pedestrian flow around the grounds. The original bathhouse was renovated using rustic heavy timber beams. Skylights and warm colors provide an open and bright feel. The floor plan is reorganized to better manage heavy use.
Saratoga Associates provided concept design through construction administration for architectural and site development.

NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation


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