Saratoga Collaborates with SUNY Students

Saratoga Collaborates with SUNY Students

Updated 6/16/2021

Plattsburgh, NY

Saratoga Associates joins SUNY Plattsburgh’s “Late Night for the Planet” to garner student input on City Plans.

Since 1999, Saratoga Associates has been working with the City of Plattsburgh on multiple planning projects ranging from a Comprehensive Plan Update to a Community Vision, Waterfront Design and Feasibility Study to DRI Implementation to finalizing the LWRP, Comprehensive Plan, and Updated Zoning Ordinance. In case you missed it:  read our full story here.

Because of our long history, we feel a personal connection and sense of pride that compels us to maintain and protect the City’s Community Vision. We understand that the final Plans we develop have a great, long-term impact on the community – here’s why,

Once the LWRP is approved by the NYS Secretary of State, the community will have the local controls in place to guide waterfront development and–a distinct benefit of a LWRP–the legal ability to ensure that all State actions proposed for their waterfront only occur in the fashion prescribed in the plan. This “consistency” provision is a strong tool that assures that State and local governments work in unison, and not at cross purposes, to build a stronger economy and a healthier waterfront environment.

Student Involvement

While there are many opportunities for students to get involved in larger discussions and activism on their campus, there seems to be less student involvement in their local community’s planning and visioning efforts. Whether, it is due to schedule limitations, accessibility to public information, or lack of knowledge in public projects, student involvement can provide key insights. Students have the unique perspective that their campuses and communities serve as their temporary home during distinct seasons, creating a dual mindset of resident and visitor.

To capture the knowledge, perspective, and hopes of these younger generations, Saratoga Associates was a guest on “Late Night for the Planet,” a SUNY Plattsburgh podcast talk-show. Saratoga’s Director of Landscape Architecture, Emily Gardner joined City Mayor Christopher Rosenquest and City Planner Malana Tamer, along with Center for Earth and Environmental Sciences Associate Professor, Curt Gervich. Students contributed their thoughts, concerns, and questions.

By involving our college campus population into the discussion, there is an opportunity to develop stronger ties with student groups, campus partners, and future residents.

Read the student article here:

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