Coastal New York + Connecticut

Broadwater Energy LNG Terminal VIA

Broadwater Energy proposed a floating terminal in the Long Island Sound to receive imports of liquefied natural gas to serve the metropolitan New York region. Centered eight miles off the coast of heavily populated Suffolk County New York and New Haven County Connecticut, the project raised significant public concern over potential impact on the scenic resources of the coastal zone.

As part of a comprehensive environmental assessment submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Saratoga Associates provided a detailed Visual Resource Assessment identifying potential aesthetic impacts and providing an objective assessment of the visual character of the project. Key components included an extensive inventory of sensitive receptors along both the New York and Connecticut coasts, photo simulation of daytime and night lighting conditions, and consideration of the effects of earth curvature, marine weather conditions, mirage, and other factors associated with open water views on project visibility.

TransCanada/Shell Energy


Visual Impact Assessment