Troy, NY

Siek Campus Center Site Development

The 13,000 student Hudson Valley Community College is a public, two year institution. As a commuter school all students and faculty drive to campus, placing stress on parking and pedestrian systems. Historically parking and service entrances were haphazard and inefficient. Emphasis was on utilitarian function rather than holistic organization of campus outdoor space.

Redevelopment of the Seik Campus Center provided opportunity to rethink pedestrian circulation and the aesthetic character of the campus’ central core. Interior vehicular circulation was relocated to the perimeter of campus and walkway systems designed organize pedestrian flow. 


Informal shaded outdoor nodes for seating, dining, and campus activities are added at building arrivals and walkway junctions. Artfully designed details complement the walkway, including decorative street furnishings. The design of the new quadrangle creates a unified, park-like setting where students can enjoy time between classes.

Saratoga Associates provided full programming through construction administration services for the redevelopment of the quadrangle into an engaging space with a sense of permanence.

Hudson Valley Community College


Landscape Architectural Design
Site Planning