Drone Technology is Bringing Architectural Design to New Heights

With an ever-changing array of technology available at our fingertips, it comes as no surprise that we continue to make headway in the use of such technology in the Architectural and Engineering industry.  In our continuous pursuit to add superior value to our clients, Saratoga Associates now utilizes a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) or commonly known as, a drone. These systems now make it possible to provide aerial videos and imagery from otherwise hard, or nearly impossible, to reach places with ease.

Aerial view of a planning site

John Guariglia, Associate Principal at Saratoga Associates, holds an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate that allows him to capture the bird’s eye view imagery for use in a variety of design and planning projects.  Currently, he has been involved with documenting construction projects through the use of high resolution geo-referenced aerial photos and developing presentation videos of projects already constructed. Being able to use these new kinds of media allow for an, even more, expanded sense of design that Saratoga Associates is known for. When given access to new heights, both figurately and literally, the mind of a designer can push past the limits once not even recognized and offer clients a much more immersive experience into a 360-degree view. Drone technology helps bring the complete view of project creation and brings us to visual places we could not be any other way.

As part of this expanding industry, it is anticipated that additional services will be offered including inspection of vegetation cover, terrain verification, and storm damage identification. The continued growth of the technological area is one to keep an eye on, as it will be spreading further throughout the architecture world.

Take a look at the use of this technology for our work on the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook in Amsterdam, New York.