Design Blog: Jared Malinoski

Design Blog: Jared Malinoski

Our staff highlight blog series focuses on our staff’s design abilities that extend past Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Engineering, and Planning. We are diving into their individual creative process and projects. This series will showcase “maker”-based crafts, classic medium (drawing, painting, photography, multimedia, etc), or digital design work. Stayed tuned to meet more of our staff, as for this week:

Meet Jared Malinoski!

As one of our landscape designers, we are excited to see all that Jared will do in his career. He is passionate and thoughtful, with a great design eye. We love seeing his photography and woodworking, and hope you do too!


What is your title and role in the firm?

Landscape Designer

Growing up, what was your dream job?

When growing up my dream job frequently changed from archeologist to environmental engineer and working for the national park service. In this point in my career the movement towards a license as a Landscape Architect is my current dream.

What are your favorite hobbies?

In my spare time I commonly fill my time with hiking and fishing. I also enjoy photography and woodworking when in the outdoors. When weather is a concern I tend to move towards reading, cooking, and woodworking to fill my time.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Resourceful, Creative, and Naturalist

Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or extrovert?

I would consider myself more of an introvert; I tend to gain energy enjoying the natural world around and gaining design form and function from nature. I do tend to be an extrovert at times when giving instructional discussions such as past training and presentations.


Where do you find inspiration?

I commonly find inspiration both in the natural environment and through collaboration with others both in and outside the office. Whether finding specific design items to consider on future projects or learning new techniques I strive to expand my knowledge in all sectors of my life.

Tell me about the projects you’re most proud of and why?

One of my most prized projects was my capstone project for my master’s degree which focused on the study a wilderness area within the Adirondack Park and the connection to the landscape character surrounding the areas utilized. This project mainly focused on the connections between recreation use by the public and the physical and psychological connections wilderness has on recreation users when being utilized. The most commonly visited destinations were assessed to compare landscape character and aesthetic of the destination to understand what elements of a landscape acts as a draw for visitation for recreation use. This ultimately can assist with future trail alignment planning and preservation of other areas for future generations.

The end goal was to create a qualitative method for wilderness landscape character assessment in the Adirondack Park and to provide a way for both conservationists and researchers to track changes in wilderness character and compare any changes to the recreational use of the destinations assessed. This report was given to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for their use to further research and methods to the conservation of the Adirondack Park and for future stewardship.

What’s your creative process?

My creative process frequently starts with a single question. What is the intended outcome or goal? From that the remaining process starts with research, photos of the site or adjacent character. Later multiple layers of trace paper is commonly used and transferred to the computer once a concept is finalized. Commonly precedent images are also brought into the concept refinement whether it is for a woodworking project or site design. Collaboration is also a key driver in my creative process whether it is a discussion over a sketched image or conversation over style and materials.

My creative process also tends to be a cycle of progress focused on improvement, inspiration and construction process. I commonly think of the full construction process which helps with understanding the complex layering a site needs to undergo to become a reality.

What software do you use?

The most common programs I use daily are AutoCAD Civil 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, are used most often as well as GIS software from time to time. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also frequently used.

Is there any project type or medium that you would like to do more of or learn more about?

I would like to eventually like to use more 3D software such as Lumion for the design process to fully see a project outcome before it is built. This would also aid clients in seeing their projects design more clearly and aid project decisions with GIS analysis and software. I hope these medium can also aid in further design improvement for myself and for the benefit of future clients. As far as project types I hope to work on more community improvement projects and areas where site visual is a key factor in the design development process.