Solid Waste Landfill Visual Assessment

Solid Waste Landfill Visual Assessment

Seneca Meadows, Inc., Town of Seneca Falls, New York

Seneca Meadows, Inc. proposed a major expansion of its existing solid waste landfill facility.  As part of the Part 360 Permit Application and associated Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), Saratoga Associates prepared a Visual Resource Assessment (VRA) of the proposed modification. The VRA provides an objective assessment of the visual character of the project from which agency decision-makers can render a supportable determination of visual significance.

The assessment evaluates the potential visibility of the project and determines the difference between the visual characteristics of the landscape setting with and without the project in place. The process follows basic NYSDEC Program Policy “Assessing and Mitigating Visual Impacts” (DEP-00-2) (“DEC Visual Policy”) and State Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA) criteria to minimize impacts on visual resources.

The VRA includes viewshed mapping, photo simulations illustrating and a detailed qualitative analysis of the project’s impact on the visual quality of the regional landscape. Saratoga worked closely with the project sponsor to develop a vegetative screening program to mitigate landfill visibility from adjacent roadways.

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