Shoreline Pedestrian Promenade

Shoreline Pedestrian Promenade

Village of Lake George, New York

For decades waterfront access in this renowned tourist destination was incomplete. Individual property ownership and haphazard pedestrian systems prevented visitors from reaching the water’s edge.

In an extended relationship with the Village of Lake George, Saratoga Associates helped secure design and construction grants through the NYS Department of State Environmental Bond Fund to develop a coordinated and continuous shoreline walkway. Additional capital was financed through a special assessment district created solely for this purpose.

Our landscape architects and engineers designed waterfront bulkheads, environmentally sustainable drainage systems, and aesthetically pleasing paving, street furnishings, outdoor lighting and landscape planting creating an attractive pedestrian promenade along the scenic lake shore. Over one mile of lakefront walkway is now open to the public offering new recreational access and economic development opportunities in the downtown.

Saratoga Associates involvement in this catalytic project extended from conceptual design and grant writing through contract documents and construction administration.