Village of Phoenix Comprehensive Plan Update

Village of Phoenix Comprehensive Plan Update

Village of Phoenix, New York

The Village of Phoenix was awarded a grant to update their 1994 Comprehensive Plan and incorporate the recommendations from their 2007 Strategic Plan for the Canal Waterfront District. The primary goal for this update is to create a thriving canal community that provides a diverse mix of goods and services for Village residents, visitors and members of the surrounding community.

The Plan establishes basic goals for future community development including: making the Village’s waterfront a primary asset and a key to community success; revitalization and reinvestment in the Downtown Canal District; creation of vibrant, attractive and resilient residential neighborhoods; and protection and enhancement of the Village’s natural resources.

The plan identifies specific priority actions to create a stronger relationship between the community and the Oswego River. Waterfront park enhancements, canal-side building façade renovation, vacant lot infill, streetscape enhancements, improved pedestrian access to the waterfront, enhanced gateways, and owner-occupancy of downtown residences are viewed as key to the plan’s success.

The updated comprehensive plan is now the principle document outlining a community’s direction, policy and action for the future and it provides a flexible framework for adapting to real conditions over time.