About Us

Saratoga Associates is a multi–disciplinary professional firm with over forty years of experience in providing landscape architectural, architectural, planning, and engineering services throughout the Northeast. Our team’s unique approach to design is collaborative and synergetic from the start. To us, each project is an opportunity to utilize our nuanced perspective and create shared visions that craft a special sense of place. Our mission is three-fold: we know that creating compelling destinations, enriching communities, and safeguarding special places are independently important but together are the alchemy of successful and sustainable design.

Our Firm

We take pride in our unique approach of developing long-term client relationships, which are built on years of confidence and collaboration. We strive to offer our clients dedicated, timely and cost effective services with the objective of delivering experienced staff and customized recommendations that meet the clients specific project needs. We promote stewardship of community and the environment through planning and design. We are committed to our clients: whether they are individuals, companies, institutions with boards of directors, or governments and their constituents, we work by listening, understanding, and then creating the plans and designs that lead to success.


Creating Compelling Destinations
Enriching Communities
Safeguarding Special Places

We use our strong belief in the power of collaboration to help shape, visualize and realize these goals in a way that uses resources wisely, respects the environment and stirs the emotions.

We understand that it takes many skills to bring a plan from concept to fruition: responsive programming, inspired design, efficient engineering, knowledgeable community planning and pragmatic economic analysis. We are dedicated to coordinating these diverse skills to deliver quality results.